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4 Ways You Can Engage Your Audience with Augmented Reality


A number of brands, CPG manufacturers and companies in various industries have started using augmented reality (AR) to enhance their digital customer experience.

Since hype about AR faded in the past years, now it’s time for AR to provide truly effective business benefits.

Typical uses of AR bridge the digital and physical customer experience:

  • Augmenting real-world objects, such as products when the customer is at the point of sale.
  • Discovering places or things in the customer’s vicinity and showing directions.
  • Providing additional information about a product of interest, offering branded information overlays.
  • Combining physical campaigns with branded digital assets.

From whatever angle you look at it, user experience design applied to AR is critical to guide customers through interaction processes and leads to conversion.

With the help of AR, brands can provide useful information and tips based on the context of use of their products with an unprecedented impact.

And while you can keep it simple, don’t underestimate how AR applied to your business requires deep knowledge of human computer-interaction, as well as human body and brain functioning.

Shape your company AR strategy so that your customers don’t need to get out of their comfort zones and adopt unnatural behaviors, take advantage of readily available products like Neosperience Gamification, Product Discoverer or Place Explorer, and dive in the biggest blue ocean today: the internet of your customers!