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All Play and No Work Makes Jack a Zippy Boy


Millions of people around the world play these games to have fun and escape the tedium of work. What draws so many to do the same things over and over again in games that they do at work – and why do people enjoy games much more than work?

The simple answer is in one word: engagement.

In the second industrial revolution we live in, incorporating the power of games in the redesign of work, thus making work more engaging and making workers more productive, is imperative.

And the same applies to those of you involved in digital customer experience (DCX) strategy and design: comment about this new discipline echoes the first reaction most people have when they enter a 3D world – the boundary between physical and digital is not as precise as one thought it would be.

Games are getting better at engaging people: you can take advantage of the opportunity of this lesson learned by understanding that  as it happens for your customers  engaging your co-workers is more relevant to their performance than commanding them to do a piece of work.

Serious games at work give players a sense of achievement and excitement by immersing people in environments where they can compete, explore and socialize:

  • Pose challenges that foster collaboration, experimentation, creativity, productivity and employee engagement and motivation, starting from your colleagues true why.

  • Include a consistent reward and ranking system that shows a true commitment towards meritocracy.

  • Identify the ideal balance between knowledge work that is exactly in between too easy, thus dull, and too hard, thus frustrating.

Start by experimenting initiatives like FedEx Days, and engage your sales team in one of the most effective strategic thinking initiatives you can undertake: the gamification of your sales process.

You will soon realize that incorporating the power of games in the redesign of your work will make it more engaging and will make your co-workers much more productive.

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