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Livin’ The Dream of a New Digital Customer Experience at Apple WWDC


Apple has become a driving force in the enterprise Digital Customer Experience space. Its success in the mobile consumer market has triggered demand to use customer-facing Apps to connect people with brands and products in a number of industries.

For this reason it has become essential for you to connect with customers in a whole new way and meet their expectations to change hearts, minds and actions.

  • Your customers want an experience, not a product.
  • They want to be engaged and share their experience in real-time with other people and receive feedback.
  • They want to be provided with a real-time, connected global marketplace — in which they can interact with other people and you — with any of their devices, starting from smartphone and tablet.

So what are your bets on how Apple is evolving it’s hardware and software ecosystem to improve your digital customer experience and help you better engage with your customers to extend your brand, increase conversions and improve their overall experience.

iOS 8 with Healthbook? OS X 10.10? iWatch or revamped Apple TV? Home Automation Platform?

You bet you are going to know in a few hours!

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