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Fashion and Luxury Brands Need to Breathe Fresh Air from the Appmosphere


Fashion and luxury industry’s digital customer experience activities lag behind other sectors and need to catch up.

Fashion goods marketers initially viewed the internet as a mass-market, discount communication vehicle, more direct-marketing and below-the-line.

While they were already wrong in the last decade and missed some opportunities, if they want to stay relevant today they cannot avoid to truly connect with their customers anymore and meet their expectations by delivering them heightened digital experiences anytime, anywhere, personal, and simple.

Now that their wealthy clientele has gone mobile, the fashion and luxury industry needs to engage customers in digital activities that feature “transparency, independence, passion, accessibility, informality” and “interactivity.”

Fashion brands need to start now - going mobile first - and properly target affluent clients:

  • Digital customer experience activities must incorporate and stay true to their brand image.
  • Create an “ambience” or “appmosphere” that arouses all five senses to convey their brand’s personality and message, being true to their core brand essence.
  • Educate younger generations about true luxury and fulfill their shifting expectations.

Fashion and luxury brands should act sooner rather than later: digital customers are already writing their own rules of the game and it will be a tough lesson for brands to learn.

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