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Make Your Messaging More Interactive by Adding a Human


After debuting on the App Store with the successful digital customer experience App back in 2012: Il Palazzo, Prada returns to the digital scene at the crossroads between art and society with a film at Venice International Film Festival, and associated App, in collaboration with performance artist Miranda July.

Often you can't tell a loved one something very sad, or very nice, and so asking the help of a stranger close to the recipient to deliver the message helps mediate the communication and avoid cold and impersonal texting, or delivery via Facebook or Twitter.

In the film, produced by Hi! Production and playable using Miu Miu Women’s Tales App, powered by Neosperience, you have a powerful view of this possible future of “human-mediated” messaging.

In Somebody App, “the most high-tech is not in the programming, it’s in the users who dare to deliver a message to a stranger”.

Miu Miu Women's Tales App for iOS showcases the results of Prada on-going project to support emerging women film directors. In addition to this latest short, you can play the full version of the first five films by directors Ava DuVernay, Massy Tadjedin, Giada Colagrande, Lucrecia Martel and Zoe Cassavetes, each with extra features including behind the scenes coverage and interviews with the director and cast.

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