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Marketers can improve their innovation techniques, though creativity comes more easily to some than to others.

Successful digital customer experience innovators develop and apply five critical skills:

  1. Practice associative thinking by making connections among various ideas from disparate areas.
  2. Ask questions, be willing to look foolish.
  3. Observe what your customers do, how they do it and why.
  4. Network with people from a range of backgrounds.
  5. Experiment: take something apart, study your customer journey, build models and try simulations.

Innovative managers hire, reward, retain and encourage innovative and open-minded people and systematically follow discovery processes, support questioning and experimentation, and invest in ideas that challenge the status quo, taking advantage of new technologies (i.e. the upcoming iOS 8).

If you want your company to succeed at digital customer experience, what we learned at Neosperience working for many first-class customers is that you as a manager must:

  • Practice creativity skills.
  • Never oversimplify or expect that innovation always succeeds.
  • Ask for help and follow identified practices that correlate with commercial achievement, including strong analytics monitoring, as explained in the DCX 7 steps checklist.
  • Build your own set of key innovation philosophies that instill a deep, companywide commitment to innovation, write them on a post-it note and live by them.
  • Connect ideas from disparate arenas – as the most important skill that triggers associational thinking and support creativity; this will lead to new business ideas that flourish at the intersection of diverse experience, whether it be your own or others’.

Assess your company by considering that innovative organizations are led by innovative leaders. Is yours so? If yes, checked. If not, change your leader. Or change your job.

Start today by assessing whether your creativity skills are strong or weak. Then, identify a compelling innovation challenge that matters. Practice your skills and find a coach to support your efforts. Develop your creative abilities by helping others develop theirs. And beware of wolf.

The eureka moment will then come... when you don't expect.

To help you provide a strategic advantage to your organization, Neosperience has crafted the first DCX 7-Steps Checklist, with requirements and insights for a successful digital transformation. Download the free guide here:

Download DCX 7-Steps Checklist

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