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Think the Store is Dead? Save It Now!


Within the end of this decade, we’re going to see a total integration of the customer experience across physical and digital channels. Already, the customer decision journey has been completely reshaped by the advent of the web, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Smartphone users are showing a +20% strong growth though slowing (who in US and Europe doesn’t have one?) and fastest growth is shown in under-penetrated markets like China, India, Brazil, Indonesia. 5,5B devices in just a few years, compared to 5.2B televisions, sounds incredible.

But as each new computing cycle typically generates 10x of the installed base of the previous cycle, we can expect the Internet of everything have an even wider impact.

CPG manufacturers and retailers need to take customer engagement to the next level, by delivering upon a fundamental need for better and useful customer-facing apps. easy to understand, easy to use, and integrated with CRM and marketing processes.

They need to engage the customer where she walks, when she stops, through what she touches, acting upon how long she looks and whether she buys.

Only stores can traditionally offer physical sensations and social interaction. And digitally empowered stores can engage with customers in a whole new way, deliver the right message on their smartphone, based on their context, location and micro-location, profile, social behavior, relationships and buying intentions.

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