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What I Learned From Neosperience FedEx Days

What_I_Learned_From_Neosperience_FedEx_DaysOver this weekend I shared with my team the opportunity to work on anything that relates to our products in the digital customer experience space, and deliver it during a two-days hackathon, to experiment new and creative ideas, making the emptiness that each of us must do to be able to stand on the shoulders of the giants who preceded us, and create.

During this very intense and productive professional retreat, organized according to the FedEx days format, I was struck by the quality of the result of teamwork, in a short time, and the sharpness of the vision of the team.

  • Foster creativity – With no rules, apart from working on a very broad topic like customer experience, anything’s possible.
  • Scratch itches – We all have something that bugs us about a product the world is waiting for.
  • Be radical – The main idea is simply devoting time to ideas that might not normally be prioritized. All of us are pirates.
  • Have fun! – The spas of Abano have been the ideal setting to give to our mind the shot of color with the brush that Emilio Vedova, a teacher at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice, he used to give the canvas of his students to overcome their blank canvas syndrome.

By the way, do not really know how to play the piano, but the setting for the photo was cute :)

As great author Daniel H. Pink said about the changing world of work, maybe it’s time to ask yourself not, “Should I try something like this?” — but “Why am I not doing this already?”

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