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How To Get Your Product In Your Customer's Mind


But it makes all the difference in customer satisfaction.

It’s not the product! Customers are the single most important factor in the success or failure of your company. It’s how your customer feels when discovers, uses and remembers your brand and product. 

You have to optimize everything that affects the customer’s disposition while deciding to buy, as 80% of customers engage with brands and products through their smartphone or tablet.


  • Start today analyzing your customer experience
  • Identify your “Experiential Value Promise”: what the customer will get out of the product or service. Nike’s EVP is highly engineered sportswear for performance. Puma’s EVP is fashion and lifestyle
  • Map your customer journey across all touch points
  • Design all your digital marketing strategy around the customer experience
  • Choose the right digital customer experience platform to align all of your customer contacts to present a unified experience, thinking mobile-first


And do innovate — your customers are always looking for something new: Now, For them, Their way, and Easy. Learn more:



Neosperience Spring '14 presented @The Mobile Show Middle East 2014 keynote


Neosperience innovation and new technology presented today at Dubai Mobile Show 2014 to help Middle East businesses and government and learn in a packed two days of inspiration, education and networking:

Neosperience to Support the New Features Announced at Facebook F8



Neosperience - The Digital Customer Experience, released an update as the first platform to support the new features announced at Facebook F8.

Anonymous Login - customers can log in to Neosperience-powered apps “anonymously,” allowing them to decide what specific information they share.

App Links - with meta tags on the web or Facebook pages, customers can be directed to specific app sections.

Mobile Like - opportunity to like app sections and content through a native, mobile Like button.

Send To Mobile - An easy way for users to send a branded app to their smartphone right after visiting a web site.

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