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Retailers & CPGs: Ride Two Horses To Achieve Digital Customer Experience Mastery


Since we started shaping the digital customer experience as the key Neosperience practice, we have learned to study like anthropologists: how and where a shopper looks for a product, walks, when she stops, when she enters a store, what she touches, how long she looks and whether she buys.

Engage Your Customers with a Digital Car Showroom

Whether on an iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone and tablet, PC/Mac, web, Facebook,
 gaming console or Google Glass, a Digital Car Showroom allows automotive manufacturers and dealers to engage customers with a powerful immersive experience, surpassing the boundaries of time and space, where context augments cognition and gamification delivers massive business results.

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How to Avoid the Age of Your Competitor’s Customer


You have been thought to compete in markets with strength in manufacturing and distribution. With control of prices, point of sales location, and knowledge about products and customers.

Kill That Meeting!

Tomorrow is Monday, the day when the most important organization’s rituals take place: the meetings.

Right after a refreshing weekend, starting your week with a meeting is a great way to suck energy out of your brain, creative juices out of your soul and time right off the clock.

The Best Talent is Finding Your Blue Ocean

Confucius said, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

When you spend your day “in your blue ocean,” I mean doing something completely in tune with your authentic self, you feel as if you have found yourself. Being in your blue ocean is about feeling as if you “were born to swim in it”; it means more than doing something well: doing something that you love passionately.

Learn a Great Digital Customer Experience Lesson from Starbucks


Starbucks has a foundation of customers who are passionate about its brand. More than 60 million people visit a Starbucks coffee shop each week. Their Facebook page has more than 36 million fans and after the launch of their discussion-based website to solicit ideas and input, customers have submitted more than 200,000 ideas.

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Start with Your True Why


Society teaches you that you are what you accomplish.

And the level of your accomplishment is rated by external measurements like money and power, not how much good you did, how honorably you acted as an employee or an entrepreneur, or how faithfully you adhered to your values.

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Fashion and Luxury Brands Need to Breathe Fresh Air from the Appmosphere

Fashion and luxury industry’s digital customer experience activities lag behind other sectors and need to catch up.

Fashion goods marketers initially viewed the internet as a mass-market, discount communication vehicle, more direct-marketing and below-the-line.

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I Was (Secretly) Made for Shopping You


After the release of Dash, that allows you add items to your shopping list from anywhere in your home, Amazon is expected to make a bold move in the digital customer experience space next June 18th.

Looking at the teaser video released this week, it looks like the Amazon phone is using sensors to follow the head movements of the customer delivering a 3D experience. Like the parallax effect built into Apple’s iOS 7, but more dramatic.

4 Ways You Can Engage Your Audience with Augmented Reality

A number of brands, CPG manufacturers and companies in various industries have started using augmented reality (AR) to enhance their digital customer experience.

Since hype about AR faded in the past years, now it’s time for AR to provide truly effective business benefits.

Think the Store is Dead? Save It Now!

Within the end of this decade, we’re going to see a total integration of the customer experience across physical and digital channels. Already, the customer decision journey has been completely reshaped by the advent of the web, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Livin’ The Dream of a New Digital Customer Experience at Apple WWDC

Apple has become a driving force in the enterprise Digital Customer Experience space. Its success in the mobile consumer market has triggered demand to use customer-facing Apps to connect people with brands and products in a number of industries.

Apple iOS 8 and the Instant Future of Your Digital Customer Experience

iOS 8, the next major version of Apple's mobile operating system, was unveiled yesterday at the company's WWDC 2014 keynote. It refines the new look of iOS 7, but, more importantly, it delivers new features that will have a profound impact on the digital customer experience that you can deliver to your customers through customer-facing apps.

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