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How A Driving Simulator Helps You Win New Car Sales

Car manufacturers are starting to realize the importance of delivering engaging digital customer experiences across all digital devices and contexts: smartphones, tablets, computers and social networks.

A native digital experience that is more engaging and entertaining for users, regardless of the changing channels through which they interact with the car manufacturer and purchase.

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The Sage Digital Customer Experience Archetype Shares Wisdom with You

The sage’s central wisdom is an individual way of finding paradise.

The sage wants to be free to think and believes in mankind’s capacity to grow.

Sages include Socrates, Confucius and Oprah Winfrey. The sage also plays a part in all mystery stories. The sage may lack charisma and social graces but is associated with clear thinking. Sage brands include Vice President Al Gore, Harvard and Stanford Universities.

The sage archetype might provide an appropriate identity for your brand if you offer clients expertise or information, encourage them to think and support the quality of your product with hard data.

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How To Utilize The Explorer Archetype in Digital Customer Experience

Archetypal brand theory provides a sound methodology for establishing a memorable and compelling brand identity, one that can found relevant digital customer experiences, cross lifestyle and cultural boundaries, and translate into success that endures.

Among the 12 brand archetypes that we have studied, thanks to the deep analysis provided by by Margaret Mark and Carol S. Pearson, Joseph Campbell and, before them, Carl Jung, The Explorer brand archetype emphasize self over others and autonomy over belonging.

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The Innocent Brand Archetype: Seeking Fulfillment in the Here and Now

Understanding Brand archetypes is a powerful tool for helping you go beneath the surface and meet invisible and emerging needs.

According to the first archetype that we investigate, the Innocent, life does not have to be hard. The image of innocence conveys the message that you are free to be yourself and to live out your dreams right now.

Movie stars like Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks and Kate Winslet are also brands of the innocent, with movies that started from Forrest Gump, moved to Titanic approaching end of millenium, to then evolve into a more complex representation with American Beauty.

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How Archetypes Changed How We Think About Digital Customer Experience

As a marketer, you have to deal with increasing and global competition. Even if you succeed in creating an advantage for your customers, say an outstanding digital customer experience, a competitor can quickly copy it.

Today, companies are bought out other companies not for what they sold, but for the brands they had established. The brands, with their deeper iconic meetings, were valuable because of the intangible meanings they offered. And the management of this meaning, like many sound ideas, borrows from very ancient and eternal ones.

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Market Smarter with a Digital Customer Experience Analytics Dashboard

To make the right marketing decisions to adapt your Digital Customer Experience to rapidly changing events, you must know what has happened while interacting with your customer, why it happened, what the potential results of different actions might be and what actions you have to take.

Answering those questions requires fast access to sound, pertinent data, collected across all digital channels and touch-points between your brand and your customers: a DCX Analytics Dashboard.

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How To FIRE Your Customer-facing App

Just finished reading an insightful new book from project management pro and military technology expert Dan Ward. An informative writing with wonderful asides and management war stories.

The insight: the best customer experience platforms and tools aren’t the most expensive and complicated.

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Here’s Why Digital Customer Experience in Automotive is So Relevant

Car manufacturers have understood the importance of delivering a personalized and consistent digital experience to customers across all touch devices and in the car.

A native digital customer experience that is more engaging and entertaining for users, regardless of the changing channels through which they interact and purchase.

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We Want You To Become A Marketing Superhero

Superheroes are archetypes, and coincide with the true mythic hero. They have the power, hear the mystic call. Are sent to Earth to fight evil, their mission. This is the hero, male or female, in its purest form.

As noted by Joseph Campbell, usually the hero's adventure begins when someone is deprived of something or a feeling that something is lacking the experience allowed the members of his society. Then the hero embarks on a series of extraordinary adventures, or to recover what has been lost, or to discover some elixir of life.

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Neuromarketing and the Art of the Digital Customer Experience

Neuromarketing is a relatively new field of marketing research activity that is informed by the findings or insights of brain science.

The key discoveries of this decade applied to digital customer experience allow you to connect with customers in a whole new way across physical touch points, typically the stores, combined with customer-facing smartphone and tablet apps.

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Discover The Essence Of Digital Customer Experience Innovation

Marketers can improve their innovation techniques, though creativity comes more easily to some than to others.

Successful digital customer experience innovators develop and apply five critical skills:

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Don't Let Your Digital Manager Jeopardize Your Customer Base

We all agree, I think, to the fact that markets are conversations and that your brand must become a publisher, focusing, in the age of the customer, on establishing a direct relationship with your customers, thanks to their smartphones and tablets, and across all digital channels.

If so, would you please explain to me why you listen to unscrupulous companies around that offer you to participate in improbable kind-of-iBeacon driven coalition programs, with the obvious and only purpose to steal your customer base?

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The Second Industrial Revolution and How You Can Recover

You have been thought that The Industrial Revolution has been the most influential development in history. Today, you are living through a second, comparable revolution. The Industrial Revolution changed how people used their bodies to perform physical labor. This current revolution is changing how people use their minds to perform conceptual labor.

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Make Your Customers Play

Traditional advertising has lost effectiveness and while once-effective advertising methods do not work as well anymore, game playing is on the rise and vying for your customers’ attention.

To be relevant, as a brand you must become a publisher. To compete with games, your marketing must become a game.

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What I Learned From Neosperience FedEx Days

Over this weekend I shared with my team the opportunity to work on anything that relates to our products in the digital customer experience space, and deliver it during a two-days hackathon, to experiment new and creative ideas, making the emptiness that each of us must do to be able to stand on the shoulders of the giants who preceded us, and create.

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