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Make Your Messaging More Interactive by Adding a Human

After debuting on the App Store with the successful digital customer experience App back in 2012: Il Palazzo, Prada returns to the digital scene at the crossroads between art and society with a film at Venice International Film Festival, and associated App, in collaboration with performance artist Miranda July.

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4 Habits of Highly Effective Listeners

Portable technology, from the Walkman to the iPod and smartphones, have made listening to people and to our environment an increasingly tiring task. In addition to ubiquitous digital devices, the persistent noise of our society has made listening even more difficult.

As a result, in a couple of decades we have lost the ability to hear, that our brain had shaped in tens of thousands of years in the course of our evolution.

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Map Your Digital Customer Journey, Mobile First

A digital customer journey map is a tool that enables you to understand and optimize your customers’ digital experiences.

It outlines the digital customer experience in a customer-centered perspective, helping you:

  1. Understand how prospect and customers are interacting with you now.
  2. Identify areas for improvement moving forward.
  3. Choose the appropriate technology and business models to effectively engage people at every touchpoint in the digital customer experience lifecycle, and prioritize your investment.
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How To Connect With Your Digital Customers

Digital Customer Experience (DCX) is defined as the sum of all digital experiences customers have with a supplier of products or services, over the duration of their relationship with that supplier.

It’s implications span beyond technology investments — to engage customers with digital tools at every touchpoint — into the realms of marketing, infrastructure, organization and leadership.

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How To Apply The 80/20 Rule To Your Digital Customer Experience

A small number of laws underlie all natural phenomena. Newton discovered the laws that govern motion and gravity and many of these principles in the 17th century.

3 centuries later, economist Vilfredo Pareto observed that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the population; similarly that 20% of the pea pods in his garden contained 80% of the peas.
Many natural phenomena have been shown empirically to exhibit such a distribution: roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

As a result, a common rule of thumb in business was developed: "80% of your sales come from 20% of your clients".

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Why Your True Why Is So Important, Backed By Science

Why some leaders and companies succeeded and others do not?

Inspirational leaders identify a purpose and follow it. The actions they take and what they make is secondary to achieving their mission.

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How Gamification Will Deliver The Ultimate Digital Customer Experience

In the past decade, we have seen the initial building of a social media layer across the world. Even though other companies were involved and are still exploring it, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn have defined how that layer appears.

The next decade will be the decade of games. We will see and use it more and more to influence behavior, and have fun playing.

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4 Easy Fixes to Link Content Marketing and Digital Customer Experience

Old transaction-focused marketing used to shout at consumers and emphasized benefits. Today consumers don't exist anymore, having been replaced by Customers. Increased trust in peer-to-peer communication has vaporized the influence of traditional advertising. Digital marketing must consequently concentrate on customer engagement, the pivotal driver of a well shaped digital customer experience.

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The Secret Of Making A Ruler Brand Like Mercedes

Whether you’re selling a soft drink or a politician, what your brand means to people will be as important as its function — if not more so — because it is meaning that tells us “This one feels right” or “This one’s for me”.

Among the archetypes studied so far, the Ruler represents queens, kings, CEO’s, presidents or even capable career mothers. Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill, any Supreme Court Justice or anyone with power can be considered the Ruler.

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How Top Brands Use The Creator Brand Archetype to Get Customers

Discovered by Jung, explored by Hillman and more recently by psychologists and marketing experts Carol Pearson and Margaret Mark, brand archetypes are the forms that underlie our deep thought that influence our perceptions, motivations and behavior as customers.

Among these brand archetypes, the Creator represents the artist, the writer, the entrepreneur and the innovator. Mozart and Picasso are symbols of the creator myth. Martha Stewart, Crayola and Singer represent creator brands. The creator brand is essentially nonconformist. A Creator brand positioning might be a good match for your company and digital customer experience if your product encourages self-expression, provides customers with choices and options, helps foster innovation or is artistic in design.

4 Essential Qualities Of The Caregiver That'll Change Your Mind

Experts once considered archetypal meaning in marketing to be quaint and interesting. Today defining your brand’s archetypal symbolism is a prerequisite.

The Caregiver brand archetype has a heightened awareness of human vulnerability, is less focused on concern for him- or herself and is more preoccupied with alleviating other people’s problems. He anticipates people’s needs, seeing what will make them feel secure, safe, and nurtured.

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Let The Jester Tease Your Digital Customer Experience

The Jester archetype includes the clown, the trickster, and anyone at all who loves to play or cut up. In politics Jesters are essentially anarchistic, as illustrated by Emma Goldman, the famous anarchist, who said, “If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution.”

His/her desire: to live in the moment with full enjoyment, to have a great time and lighten up the world.

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The Lover Voice Within

Whatever brand archetype your company chooses, all its efforts have to support that brand’s message and deliver a digital customer experience consistently.

Brands, with their deeper iconic value, were valuable because of the intangible meanings they offered. In this environment, companies that confuse their brand identity, such as Levi’s or Nike, find that distorting their archetypal images resulted in decreasing sales and profits.

Continuing the analysis performed so far, the Lover brand and digital customer experience archetype governs all forms of human love. Symbols of this archetype — whose key message is: “You are the only one” — include Sophia Loren, Clark Gable, Elizabeth Taylor, chocolates, Haagen Dazs and romance novels.

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Master Storytelling To Make Your Digital Customer Experience Stand Out

Long before we started talking about digital customer experience, actually long before the first formal business was established, before the first deal was made, the single most powerful sentence in any language was, “Let me tell you a story.”

Throughout human history, storytelling has been used to communicate the most sacred truths of the collective human experience.

Storytelling is the oldest and most effective form of communication. People tell stories to justify war, inspire passion, ignite romance and, to marketers’ purpose, to change the course of businesses’ history.

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How The Regular Guy/Girl Brand Archetype Once Saved The World

The Regular Guy/Girl brand archetype celebrates our virtues of being ordinary. Companies that identify with this positioning include MetLife, Ikea and VISA. It represents the a good identity for brands whose goal is to give people a sense of belonging, showing as the good old guy/girl, the everyman, the person next door.

This archetype might be a good fit for your brand and digital customer experience if your company has a homey appeal and your product helps people feel that they belong, is in daily use and is priced moderately to inexpensively.

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How The Magician Archetype Can Create Your Digital Customer Experience

Archetypes are the strange attractors of consciousness. You attract customers when your message is congruent with a brand and digital customer experience archetype that is either dominant or emerging in their consciousness.

Among these, the Magician believes in understanding the rules and using them to accomplish specific goals. He has traditionally been the shaman and is at the forefront of great scientific changes. Star Wars’ Yoda, but also Mary Poppins, well represent this archetype.

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Why The Outlaw Brand Archetype Is More Sexy Than The Regular Guy?

Linking your brand identity and digital customer experience to an archetype has helped properly shape the message of companies in the for-profit and non-profit sectors, delivering tangible benefits using this intangible concept.

Following up with the analysis performed so far, we find three transformative archetypes that represent change, using their energies to transform or destroy rigid and archaic structures: the Hero, the Outlaw and the Magician.

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The Hero Within Your Brand

If you shape your digital customer experience today without paying attention to your brand meaning and archetype, then you are comparable to an ancient navigator trying to find his way on the seas during a starless night.

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20-Years History Of The Most Heard Sound Logo

A sound logo is a trademark where sound is used to perform the function of uniquely identifying the commercial, archetypical origin of products or services.

This post and video is Neosperience homage to Nokia. Its ringtone has been the most heard sound logo, surpassing 1 billion times every day around the world.

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