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How Beacons Will Change Customer Experience and Marketing Strategies

Less than a month has passed after the presentation of the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch and, finally, the launch of the new iOS 8. As a result, Apple has drawn the attention of all analysts to the new (but not so very new) technology called iBeacon. This technology could change forever the way people shop in physical stores and the way companies shape their marketing strategy and customer experience. No doubt it is creating a revolution, but there is still some confusion around iBeacon and beacons in general, so let's try to understand.

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Why iPhone 6 and iOS 8 Will Change Your Digital Customer Experience

Two weeks have passed since Apple has unveiled two new iPhones - the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus - and the Apple Watch (a.k.a. iWatch). One week later users could start to download iOS 8 and the picture finally became clear. The new version of the mobile operating system delivers new features that could change the way we think about digital experience. Customer-facing apps will never be the same with these new technologies. So will your strategy.

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Neosperience Wins 2014 Top Innovation Italy Award

Neosperience has won the Top Innovation Award Italy 2014, an honor appointed by the President of the Italian Republic to the best tech company of the year. The prize has been awarded in the prestigious setting of the Accademia dei Lincei in Rome. Dario Melpignano, CEO of Neosperience, has received the award from Stefania Giannini, Ministry of Education, University and Research, on behalf of President Giorgio Napolitano.

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How to Use Big Data to Enhance Your Digital Customer Experience

Once upon a time, companies struggled to retrieve information about their clients, due to lack of technology and trust. To shape a proper marketing strategy, they needed to fight for every single bit of data collected through researches, statistics and interviews. That time is now past. In the last ten years, things have deeply changed. We have now entered the Age of the Customer, where Big Data can help you to enhance your digital customer experience, overcome challenges and stay competitive.

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How to See Around Corners and Stay Relevant Towards 2050 Megachange

Demographic trends are powerful and sweeping. It took 250,000 years for the world’s population to reach one billion people. In just 200 years, population growth accelerated faster to reach seven billion. In 2050, Earth will be home to nine billion people.

This growth will not be uniform: some nations’ populations will soar. Half of the population increase by 2050 will happen in Africa, which will hold three times as many people as Europe. Nigeria will have about 390 million citizens by 2050, roughly the same as the US; by 2100, Nigeria will be the world’s third most populous nation.

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Personalize The Digital Shopping Experience Turning Desires Into Needs

Neuromarketing key discoveries of this decade applied to digital customer experience show insights on how to connect with customers in new ways across physical touch points, typically the stores, combined with customer-facing smartphone and tablet apps.

Sophisticated brain scanning machines and physical monitoring devices provide insight into consumer behavior, allowing marketers influence it by adjusting stimuli to draw out a desired mental and physical response in customers during their digital shopping experience.

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Digital Strategy For The Age of Customer All Marketers Should Know

Markets have always been places where two opposite forces meet and face: the seller and the buyer. For centuries the power balance has basically been a matter of production and distribution.

In this scenario the seller was the strong element, with control of prices, point of sales location, and information about products and clients. The only thing people could control was the buying decision, influenced by brands and companies. Now things are quite different, as we have entered the Age of the Customer.

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How The Wearable Revolution Changes The Digital Customer Experience

Now that the Apple Watch is here, ready to be sold everywhere in the world, the trend topic is about smartwatches and wearable technology. According to recent researches, this new device is expected to take a large market share from other devices. Not in the future but right now. It is inevitable that wearable technology will change digital customer experience.

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How Apple Pay Makes the Difference in Your Digital Customer Experience

Money is probably as old as human civilization. People once used sheep and goats as money: domestic animals and food served as currency in ancient times. Metal coins have been around since 700 B.C., and the Chinese began using paper money in 140 B.C. It became a popular means of tender during Europe’s Renaissance and later in the American colonies.

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How To Use Vine To Loop Your Content and Engage Your Customers

Could a six-second long looping video clip change the way customers connect with brands and products? Six seconds, really? Some marketers may think there's not enough 'space' for creativity in such a short time but, when you look at digital engagement and social networks, big not always means better. Here lies the secret of Vine, the mobile video sharing service so many companies are already using as a powerful customer engagement tool.

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Welcome to the Push Economy: Discover, Learn, Use Push Notifications

Push notifications are a style of Internet-based communication where the request for a given transaction is initiated by a central server. It is contrasted with pull, where the request for the transmission of information is initiated by the receiver client app.

Push notification services allow to propagate small messages to devices (smartphones, tablets and computers) by applications and apps registered to receive those notifications. Each device establishes an accredited and encrypted IP connection with the service and receives notifications over a persistent connection.

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Oculus Rift, a Game-Changer for Digital Customer Experience

Sometimes we can find traces of the future of marketing and business not in essays, numbers and researches but in novels and fictions. Take digital transformation and gamification. In 2044 Parzival escapes from the exhaustion of Earth's fuels thanks to OASIS, a virtual reality network simulation. It’s the beginning of Ready Player One, a novel written in 2011 by Ernest Cline.

All Play and No Work Makes Jack a Zippy Boy

Millions of people around the world play these games to have fun and escape the tedium of work. What draws so many to do the same things over and over again in games that they do at work – and why do people enjoy games much more than work?

The simple answer is in one word: engagement.

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How To Create Buyer Personas, Shape Their Digital Customer Experience

One of the first tasks every company - working in a digital or traditional brick-and-mortar market - has to face is the definition of the target customer. Who are you talking to? Who should buy your product or service? It's not always easy as it may seem, especially in a global world where customers have evolved to be more and more connected, thanks to smartphones and tablets, and informed.

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