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4 Good Habits To Deliver Highly Effective Digital Strategies

How can you deliver an amazing digital customer experience? This question often raises a business conundrum, because innovative strategies rarely happen by chance. They always require a firm vision of your brand identity and an action plan that comprehend and blend technology, business vision and data. There is no ‘one-fits-all’ solution to solve the puzzle, but we can identify at least 4 good habits to deliver highly effective digital strategies.

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China Is Rising: How To Adapt Your Digital Customer Experience

There was a time when China was considered a mere source of labor, with all its factories busy creating  products designed to be used elsewhere. That time is (almost) over. Asian countries are ramping up efforts to compete with Western economies in their point of excellence: creativity. China is slowly becoming the land of innovative companies, and a new type of customer is shaping up. A customer you can't ignore. Numbers are on their side - people and assets - and they are rebuilding markets and customer experience.

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Gartner's Top 10 Technology Trends For 2015 That Will Change DCX

What will happen next? How technology is going to shape the future of business? Analysts and entrepreneurs are obsessed by questions like these. One thing is for sure: innovation is already changing the way customers connect with products and brands, and this process is accelerated by digital and mobile. Being on top of things is the key factor to succeed in an ever-changing scenario. That is the reason why Gartner's top 10 technology trends for 2015 are strategic for your organization.

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How Digital Is Changing Retail Banking Customer Experience

Usually, when we talk about the effects of digital transformation, we tend to focus on companies producing shopping consumer goods. But there is another ‘industry’ that is effectively searching for innovative ways to deal with customers: retail banking. Digital technology is dramatically changing the way clients interact with banks, forcing them to evolve from traditional bank counter operations to online services. A new era for retail banking customer experience.

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5 Rules To Build Your Innovative Content Marketing Strategy

As the years go passing by and technology evolves, we find out that digital customer experience and content creation are more and more connected. In a complex and ever-changing industry scenario, if you want to win your customers' trust and be their first choice when the purchase moment-of-truth comes, you can't just focus on your product or service. You need to build an innovative and possibly unique content marketing strategy. How? One recomm is to stay current on the top trends.

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4 Ways to Improve Your Fashion Digital Customer Experience

The essence of fashion is couture, a French term that refers to the creation of exclusive clothing or accessories, constructed by hand from start to finish. In this sense it can be seen as the exaltation of craftsmanship and analog. Nevertheless the fashion and luxury industry needs now to breathe the fresh air of digital transformation, improving what we could call fashion digital customer experience (DCX).

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Top 10 Do's For Your Digital Marketing Strategy

In a world shaped by emerging technologies where information is readily available, companies are constantly looking at innovative strategies to build their digital marketing. In the Age of the Customer, Internet and mobile have deeply changed the way people live and communicate. Go get ready and adapt is more and more difficult, while it is really easy to miss the mark, if you don't take the necessary precautions when focusing all your efforts to increase engagement and brand awareness. 

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HealthKit: How Apple Changes Your Medical Experience With Apps

Apple’s iOS 8 has received mixed reactions from users and analysts, but there is one thing no one can deny: the new operating system comes with a couple of new features that have a huge impact on the digital customer experience. The first one is ApplePay, that can change the way we purchase, even according to Bill Gates; the second feature is HealthKit and is meant to change our medical experience. How?

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5 Mobile Marketing Trends Reshaping Digital Customer Experience

It all started with an SMS. We were in the early 2000s and companies started to collect phone numbers and send off content through Short Message Service. Lot has happened since the first SMS. Mobile Marketing is a relatively new field of study but, despite its youth, it is already crucial in strategies. Smartphones and apps play such a significant role in shaping success that mobile is not only ‘just’ another channel you should add to your plan.

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Say Hi to Ello: 3 Marketing Lessons From the New Social Network

"Simple, beautiful & ad-free": this is the tagline used by Ello the new social network everybody is talking about. It has no mobile app, it is not really open yet (you just can get in by invitations). Nonetheless, Ello has been able to create a huge buzz. No one knows if it will be a success or just one of many 'wannabes' deleted by collective memory in few months. Analysts call it the anti-Facebook, users call it paradise for privacy and marketers call it possible nightmare. Ello may be not marketing-friendly, but there are 3 lessons you can still learn from it.

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