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Top 6 Rules of Gamification: How To Engage Customers Playing With Them

Games are everywhere. So many aspects of our daily life are influenced by game mechanics that marketers recognize their seeds everywhere. Companies have used games for years, both for B2C and B2B strategies, with one big aim: create brand awareness to drive engagement. This is gamification: the science of applying game theory and dynamics in non-game contexts. Like any other science, you need to learn the rules of gamification to learn how to engage customers playing with them.

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Top 3 Digital Customer Experience Tools For Innovative Strategies

Managing the customer experience has never been an easy process, even when mobile technology was just a dream for science fiction writers. Now that the passage from analog world to digital is a reality and passive consumers have been replaced by empowered customers, sometimes it really looks like a daunting task. But where there is a threat, there is opportunity, if you can rely on top digital customer experience tools to  innovate your strategy.

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How To Use Beacons To Engage Customers: The Mattel App Experience

Over the last few months we have highlighted the influence of new technologies on innovative engagement strategies in the Age of the Customer. We have also emphasized how Smart Bluetooth beacons can improve in-store customer experience. The new release of Mattel’s La Scatola dei Giocattoli app, developed by Neosperience, gives us the chance to describe this retail revolution where Apple’s iBeacon technology is used to serve right-time content to nearby customers and drive conversion rates  at brick-and-mortar stores.

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4 Inspiring Gamification Examples to Enhance Your Customer Experience

In the Age of the Customer, games and marketing are strictly connected. Without this simple - but sometimes neglected - presumption, it is impossible to understand the key role of gamification for companies investing in innovative digital customer experience strategies. And because it is always better to learn from the best players, we have chosen a few inspiring gamification examples, that you can use to enhance your customer experience.

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4 Rules Of Mobile Engagement For The Age Of The Customer

Since the dawn of time, engagement is probably the hardest step in the inbound marketing funnel; surely the most intriguing and challenging for companies. Before even thinking about conversion, you need to connect and engage with customers, a transition you should never take for granted. Even more so in an age defined by disruptive technologies. As the scenario changes, so do marketing strategy and digital customer experience. What are the rules of mobile engagement in the Age of the Customer?

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Why Mobile Will Help Improve Retail Customer Experience

There was a time when brands could differentiate themselves from competitors almost entirely based on the product they made or sold. That time is long gone and, in an increasingly digital world, retailers cannot rely just on the things they sell anymore. That is not enough to gain customers’ attention and win their trust. You must offer an amazing experience, absorbing new technologies in an omni-channel strategy. Mobile, of course, is the first and key factor to improve your retail customer experience, online and even in-store.

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5 Myths About Digital Customer Experience

A myth is not only a traditional story that involves gods or heroes (as explained by the expert Joseph Campbell). It can also be defined as a set of beliefs accrued around a phenomenon. Beliefs that - more often than not - prove to be false or inaccurate and perpetrate just because people continue to talk about them until you believe they are real. Customer experience and digital transformation are surrounded by such unproven opinions. In an economical scenario bound by uncertainty, companies struggle to understand what is going on, so they end up nurturing misbelief. Here are the 5 most common myths about digital customer experience.

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How Digital & Mobile Are Changing Sports Customer Experience

Sports and marketing have always been connected, way more than the average fan would think. Teams are brands, supporters are customers: with match attendance dropping year after year, sports companies need to find new ways to connect with their clients. Add the self-tracking mania to the equation and you will have a picture of how digital and mobile technologies are changing the sports customer experience of millions around the world.

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10 Ways To Improve Customer Experience With a Smartwatch

Anno Domini 2014: the year of the smartwatch. While this technology is not a recent invention, 2014 will be surely remembered as the year business got serious about it. Once again, the main buzz was created by Apple with the launch of the Apple Watch, even though Samsung was already selling its Galaxy Gear. As the market grows, companies will need to adjust their marketing strategies to engage customers with this new shiny object intended to improve our customer experience.

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How The Internet-of-Things Will Transform Digital Customer Experience

When you look at news and articles about how technology is changing daily life and marketing strategies, they usually highlight the importance of social media, smartphones and computers. But that is just part of the story. We are surrounded by increasingly intelligent devices and objects able to ‘talk’ to each other. This interconnection is what we call the Internet-of-Things, something you have already seen in action - though you may not have realized it - that is changing the digital customer experience.

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