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Google I/O 2015: From Android M To Android Pay, All You Need To Know

What we have witnessed during the Google I/O 2015 conference was nothing but Google's history in the making. Tech analysts already consider the last keynote a milestone for the future of Mountain View.

As expected, Google announced major news that will lead the company along the path to become more than a ‘search’ giant. From Android M (the new version of the mobile operating system), to Android Pay, from the Internet of Things to Now on Tap, the Big G aims at becoming your first reference in daily life.

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3 Trends Linking Digital Marketing Strategy To Mobile Technology

Two years ago Gartner predicted that marketers will spend more than IT on technology innovation by 2017. As we get closer to the day of that prophecy, is the shift really happening?

While we won’t face a transfer of power from CIOs to CMOs very soon, there is no doubt that marketing and technology are now more connected than ever. So strictly linked, in fact, that digital marketing strategy is not even conceivable without disruptive technologies.

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Customer Delight: 5 Steps To Deliver Engaging Experiences

Do you have what it takes to engage customers? To connect with them on an emotional level and promote a positive reactions?

This is the basic requirement of customer delight: the willingness to go above and beyond normal relations in order to provide a customer experience that will leave an indelible impression.

Customer delight is not (just) a strategy; it is a business asset in markets where clients demand a leading role. It is so critical, in fact, that you should paint it on your walls and make it the core of company culture.

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Fashion Customer Experience Goes Digital: Ready To Evolve?

For all brands working with fashion and luxury, success is all about being exclusive. The creation of a distinctive image is the key to be recognized as the top choice. But the passion for fashion is unstable and tastes evolve with society and new technologies.

Now the fashion industry is on the verge of its biggest revolution. Digital screens and mobile devices have changed customers' needs and desires: as fashion customer experience goes digital, businesses need to evolve to keep pace with clients. Are you ready?

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The Evolution Of Mobile Customer Experience: 4 Steps To Improve

What is the single most important element shaking up the way we live and connect with the world? Mobile connectivity is the word. Since the Internet walked out of our houses, business is constantly reinventing itself to answer the needs of always-connected customers.

With the spread of smartphones, the customer journey goes digital, forcing organizations to rethink how they engage with clients and employees. The mobile customer experience, thus, becomes top priority if you want to succeed in a new era of mobile as the real first screen.

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Why Company Culture Is Critical To Deliver Amazing Customer Experience

The single most important challenge for all brands of the Age of the Customer? The development of a positive digital customer experience. 71% of companies already understand that traditional differentiators alone are not enough to guarantee engagement and loyalty.

So where do successful experiences come from? Company culture, that’s the answer. You can invest all your budget in technological improvement, but if your company has not a shared customer centric culture all other activities will ultimately fail.

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5 Great Marketing Ideas From Comics To Get DCX Superpowers

Long gone are the days when comic books were considered just a niche market for ultimate nerds lost in a world of superheroes with super problems. In the last decade, comics have become a global marketing phenomenon, thanks to major players like Marvel, DC and Image Comics.

If you are a marketer/entrepreneur trying to figure out how to take your customer experience to the next level, comic books are no laughing matter anymore. They can offer plenty of marketing ideas and teach you how to lead your brand from average to DCX superpowers.

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Bad Customer Experience: What Is The Real Cost For Your Company?

The customer is always right”, an old motto companies know pretty well. The foundation of every engagement and loyalty strategy. Sure, positive experiences are important, but is it really dangerous to underestimate the impact of unhappy clients?

What is the real cost of a single dissatisfied person trapped in a bad customer experience?

They say mobile technology has given life to a brand new generation of customers: connected, empowered and demanding. They say clients have replaced products as the cornerstone of marketing strategy. What does this mean for your business?

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Microservices on Amazon Web Services - Event Agenda

Microservices on Amazon Web Services: this is the main topic of the first workshop on microservices architectures based on AWS services, organized by Neosperience in partnership with Amazon Web Services and Zero12.

The event is co-organized and hosted by the Politecnico di Milano, as part of the European project PEGASO - Fit 4 Future. It is not just a technical meeting, but also an important opportunity for experts and managers to discuss and analyze a critical topic in the age of digital disruption. The event is scheduled for Thursday, May 14th 2015.

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How Customer Obsession Will Drive Your Digital Transformation

Amazon, Starbucks, Nike, Apple, Google: they sell different products; they have peculiar storytelling, identity and archetypes; they are true to distinctive business principles and company mantra.

But one thing they have in common. One single element, more and more critical in this era of technology disruption: they all put their customer at the core of their strategy. They are customer-obsessed brands.

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3 Social Media Steps To Fix Bad Customer Experience

No more than a decade ago, companies didn’t really have to worry about the harmful effects of a bad customer experience on brand identity. The reason is simple: we didn’t have Facebook, there was no Twitter, LinkedIn or TripAdvisor.

In the pre-social media era, how many people could an angry customer reach with a negative message about you? Close friends and relatives, in the worst-case scenario. A number between 9 and 15 people. Probably not enough to damage the brand image and ruin your business. Well, those times are long gone.

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