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How Social Commerce War Will Change Retail Customer Experience

How would you describe the essence of social commerce in one scene? Imagine this: you open your Facebook app while commuting. You scroll the newsfeed looking for juicy gossip about people you barely know. A picture grabs your attention, showcasing a new pair of running shoes from your favorite brand.

Now that you see them in full HD, you definitely feel you want those shoes, right away. And there’s no need to close Facebook app; you just click on the buy button on the image and that’s it. A revolution for the retail customer experience.

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Neosperience Wins the Alpine High-tech Venture Forum Award

The year goes on great for Neosperience, winner of the 2015 Alpine High-tech Venture Forum Award. Neosperience has been chosen based on its products/technology performance and its ability to combine the best techniques of mobile, social, information and cloud to deliver the ideal experience to every customer, on every screen.

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3 Mobile SEO Best Practices To Improve Customer Experience

How much traffic will I lose due to the recent updates in Google’s search engine algorithm? Any single entrepreneur has asked - at least once - this question to his SEO specialist. The Mobilegeddon brought us all into the SEO-pocalypse.

Despite what a lot of people have been saying recently, search engine optimization is not dead. You still have to adopt best practices; just you need to refocus your efforts towards mobile optimization: mobile SEO is critical to improve customer experience.

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Top 5 Social Media Mistakes That Can Kill Your Brand

Long gone are the days when social media were the most underrated element of the marketing funnel. Even old-fashioned B2B companies now acknowledge the value of their presence on Facebook & Co.

The fact that everyone is online and social, however, doesn’t mean that brands have a better understanding of what makes a successful social strategy. Many still get it wrong, committing brand social media mistakes that might kill their company.

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Mobile Engagement: Google’s Micro Moments Change The Rules

Do you remember the Mobilegeddon? In the last two months, Google has announced several updates to the search engine algorithm and AdWords: all in the name of the mobile mind shift.

The updates were in response to the impact of the smartphone on the way customers make purchase decisions. Google wants you to think in terms of Micro Moments, ‘in the moment’ opportunities that will change the rules of mobile engagement.

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5 Digital Marketing Lessons From Game Of Thrones

Now that the fifth season of Game of Thrones is behind our back, millions of fans (just like us) are trying to recover from the absolute jaw-dropping finale. Shock is the only constant in George R. R. Martin’s epic series.

If there a TV show out there that can teach us something about the world of digital marketing, that is HBO’s Game of Thrones.

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Top 10 KPIs To Measure Mobile App Development Success

The mobile app market is expected to reach 36.7 billion dollars in revenues by the end of 2015. With so much at stake, competition is rapidly evolving into a fierce battle to conquer users’ attention.

With app stores rapidly becoming crowded, how can you measure the success of your efforts? Mobile app development is not just a matter of downloads anymore. You need more specific KPIs to understand what’s going on.

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5 Content Marketing Facts You Need To Know (To Be Truly Epic)

A great customer experience always lies on great content marketing. With digital transformation in full swing, content has become the new focal point in the overall brand marketing effort.

Great content is never static. It moves with society and technology. In the wake of recent trends, we have traced 5 content marketing facts you absolutely need to know. And yes, they are all true.

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WWDC 2015: El Capitan, iOS 9, Apple Music, Everything Apple Announced

The battle rages on. The WWDC 2015 sounded like a prompt answer to Google I/O. Apple tried to overshadow the eternal rival in the race to the future of technology. Did Apple settle the score?

From the stage of the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple unveiled the details of everything coming soon to iOS, OSX, Apple Watch. With a juicy ‘one more thing’: Apple Music.

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5 Key Takeaways From 2015 Internet Trends Report

Nothing beats a great report when you need to understand concisely where we’re going. When it comes to technology, a major choice has always been The Internet Trends report by Mary Meeker, one of those Internet oracles you'd better take seriously.

The 2015 Internet Trends arrives 20 years after the inaugural report, published in 1995. Since the first release, the scenario has changed so much that you can now hardly remember the world before the Internet.

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Why Digital Customer Experience Is More Than a Website

The website is dead, long live the website. In the Age of Mobile, designed by the emergence and spread of the smartphone, digital branding is more than a fancy website.

By 2020 there will be 6.1 billion mobile users, leading the mobile charge despite the rise of new mobile-based services. Multiple assets come into play to shape a compelling digital customer experience, and the website is just one piece of the puzzle. 

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