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These 3 Top Digital Trends Will Change Your Retail Marketing Strategy

At first glance, the fundamentals of retail business have not changed so much in the last fifty years. Someone sells products/services, and someone makes a purchase. If you have a closer look, though, you will see how deeply everything has changed.

We have witnessed a revolution - made possible by disruptive technologies that blur the distinction between the physical and digital world. Moreover, the journey is far from being finished. Major digital trends push to change retail industry even more deeply, from 2015 on.

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5 Common App Marketing Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

There’s an app for that.” Five years later, the slogan used by Apple to launch the iPhone 3GS is still more than true. Apps are now so important that mobile app development has become a very steady competition.

Apps are a whole new form of engagement; the challenge is to remain relevant and create meaningful experiences for customers. It is vital that you learn how to avoid the most common app marketing mistakes, which often lead to overspending and disappointing results.

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4 SEO Ranking Trends That Will Define Your Brand In The Next Years

What factors will define your rankings in the results pages from 2015 on? An aggressive link building strategy is still more important than quality content? What is the weight of mobile in the optimization best practices?

These and many other questions come out of the hat every time Google and the other search engines make changes to their algorithm. As ranking factors evolve, so do digital strategies. The analysis of SEO ranking trends, therefore, needs to become an integral part of your marketing routine.

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10 (+10) Content Marketing Tools To Boost Customer Engagement

Content is king,” said Bill Gates in a prophetic article dating back to 1996. The Internet was a child, and mobile was yet to come, but he foresaw the importance of content curation to build a marketing strategy for the digital era.

So, what is the purpose of content marketing? To attract and engage customers, delivering brand value in the process. As the number of players in the digital arena continues to grow, you need something to jump-start your output. You need content marketing tools that’ll help you boost customer engagement.

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