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4 Mobile Marketing Trends For 2016 Digital Customer Experience

What's Next?” is always the most common question when you talk about the future of business and digital customer experience. Digital leaders look at the years ahead, ready to change their point of view and embrace the power of emerging technologies.

Too many brands are missing the importance of mobile in the everyday life of customers. It is our duty to trace the seeds of evolution and outline the top mobile marketing trends that will leave their mark on your strategy from 2016 on.

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5 Customer Experience Questions For Your 2016 Digital Strategy

The answers you get depend on the questions you ask.” Thomas S. Kuhn

What was your last bad customer experience? What was the best one you have ever had? Everyone is able to come up with at least one brand in response to these questions. In a company’s perspective, asking questions becomes critical to understand what is working and what is not.

Since the digital customer experience is a two-way communication, some questions should be asked to your customers, some others you should ask them to yourself. Now that 2016 is approaching, you have the chance to evaluate your latest efforts and plan a better digital strategy for the year to come.

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Digital Commerce: 5 Trends To Rewrite Retail Customer Experience

How will commerce evolve in the next five years? What is going to happen now that the mobile screen has become the main reference for digital customers? What should retail brands do to respond to the challenges of digital commerce?

We know that the retail customer experience is not a concept valid now and forever, as it is the product of the revolution brought in by technology. The future of retail industry lies in the ability to adapt those innovations, to enable continuous experiences across all channels and devices.

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Neosperience Wins The 2015 Italian Corporate Venture Forum Award

Neosperience is off to a great final rush in this successful year, bringing home the 2015 edition of the Italian Corporate Venture Forum Award.

Neosperience has been chosen among 37 innovative companies, awarded as the first Digital Customer Experience Cloud, a leading-edge business technology that empowers organizations to engage and understand their digital customers.

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Neosperience Trendwatch #2 - Insights For Your Digital Strategy

To be inspired is great, to inspire is incredible.

Nothing beats inspiration when you need learn how to improve your digital strategy. With this in mind, here at Neosperience we stay always with eyes wide open, ready to catch insightful examples of digital transformation.

The best source of information can be everywhere around you, and the risk is to get lost in the search. But we have done the hard work for you, and that is where the idea of Neosperience Trendwatch comes from.

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5 Digital Best Practices For a Brilliant Engagement Strategy

Do you really need digital best practices? For more than fifty years, marketing has mostly been about communicating, promoting and selling products offline.  Then, suddenly the rules of engagement changed forever. What happened?

The Internet and the smartphone happened. Close your eyes and think for a minute about what life was like before the Internet. Can you? New generations of customers will never experience the world without connectivity, and now you definitely need a digital marketing strategy to engage them and earn their loyalty.

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The Future Of Retail 2016: How To Reinvent The Customer Experience

The evolution of the retail industry usually moves at the same speed with the evolution of technology. Over the last ten years, we have witnessed a major shift in customer behaviors, driven by the impact of the smartphone and mobile connectivity.

In a customer’s perspective, new tools mean new ways to connect with products and brands; in a company’s perspective, new tools mean new ways to create value and deliver memorable customer experiences. So, what’s in store for the future of retail?

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