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Top 5 Requirements For Your Digital Customer Journey Map

Think about the last time you have made a purchase. Now consider all the steps - online and offline - that brought you from need to conversion (and over). That is your customer journey, a map that you can break up into many different pieces.

Customer experience looks like a puzzle, that you - as a business - can shape and analyze using a specific tool: the customer journey map. As the years pass by, new technologies change the perspective, and so the map needs to become more structured, to include the new touch points.

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4 Steps To Build A Mobile Strategy For The Era Of Micro Moments

One of the most important legacies of 2015 has been the conscience that mobile devices have completely disrupted the way we live, communicate and make purchases. In a business perspective, that means the evolution of what we call customer experience.

Big players have instantly acknowledged this epochal shift. Google, for its own nature, has been first in line, with the latest update of the search engine algorithm (nicknamed Mobilegeddon) and the steadfast belief in the emergence of Micro Moments.

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8 Disruptive Trends That’ll Shape Business In The Next Years

How will the digital customer experience evolve in the next years? What kind of technology will leave the deepest mark on customers’ life? How will this mark affect your business strategy?

Prediction is a delicate and dangerous art but, when it comes to predicting the future of customer experience, Brian Solis is a top choice. At the beginning of every year, in fact, the digital analyst takes a look at what lies ahead, trying to figure out which technology trends will lead the new wave of digital transformation.

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10 Ways The Internet Has Changed The Way We Live (And Do Business)

The full-length title of this article should be 10 ways the Internet and the smartphone have changed the way we live - as humans and customers - and how businesses must evolve to improve their customer experience and survive the digital transformation.

We all recognize mobile technology as the real game-changer in the creation of the world as we experience it today. The hidden truth, though, is that there would be no smartphone without the Internet revolution. We are the result of this revolution.

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