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Dario Melpignano

Dario Melpignano

CEO and Founder at Neosperience Spa Digital Customer Experience Executive Entrepreneur and Investor

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This One Key Habit Will Make You Attract Immense Success In 2018

The new year has started. Time of resolutions. And thinking about my professional purpose, which is to empower people's lives with technology, I have come to reflect on how I can be useful to you, to help you deliver a higher value and impact.

We interact with one another in an increasingly digitized world. Constant interruptions, leaving messages unanswered, and lack of interest have all become the norm in our society, overflooded with mobile devices and screens. But is this what you want? And if not, what can you do in 2018 about it?

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Emotions 2.0: A Science Of Sentiment Primer

Let me take you on a walking tour through the gardens of philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, not to mention popular culture. It's just a three minutes walk that you won't regret.

Emotions are an evolutionary necessity that plays an essential role in ensuring human survival. Some basic emotions seem to be hard-wired into our human species, innate and invariable, notwithstanding cultural differences. In example, fear and anger have helped human survival by encouraging reflexive flight and hard fighting.

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How To Monetize The Membership Economy Revolution

Today, ownership is out. Trends show that more and more consumers want temporary access, not permanent ownership. And within this changing landscape, membership-oriented businesses are king.
Many companies in many different sectors have understood this trend and are creating an incredible value cultivating and nourishing their customer bases, bringing them to the membership economy.
In this article we outline key strategies and tactics based on real-world examples to help you successfully building a membership organization from scratch, or transforming your existing business.
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Make The Digital Customer Experience Of You Your One Big Thing

Among the innumerable truths that Shakespeare told us in his vision of life and humanity, in Hamlet he offered one of his sagest counsels: “Know thyself and to thine self be true.

If you don’t understand what makes you uniquely you – if you don’t know yourself – how can others perceive your greatness, your unique and distinctive value and contribution? Make the digital customer experience of you your One Big Thing.

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The Digital Customer Experience In The Age of Machine Learning

The Digital Revolution has forged historic change. When we engage with the Internet with our smartphone, tablet or wearable, we don't see its physical infrastructure nor the code that lets it function.

We interact with the “whatever branded content we like, by pressing the elevator buttons without having to know how it works.” No one person or organization is in charge of the changes sweeping the world.

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Merry Christmas from Neosperience!

This year we have decided to give our Customers the magic of giving a hand to people around the world who need to improve the experience of their customers.

We have selected Kiva as a non-profit organization with the mission to connect people through lending that leverages the internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions to help create opportunities around the world.

So if you are a Neosperience customer look for “Kiva” as subject in your mailbox and enjoy making the best use of your gift, listening to your heart ;)

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How Not To Be Irrelevant When Markets Are Experiences

Today’s customers seek authentic experiences and this fact is deeply rooted in how the economy is evolving. The original economy was agrarian, and people sold commodities they harvested or raised. Thousands of years later, the industrial age arrived. Using commodities as raw materials, people manufactured goods for sale. Then in recent years, manufactured goods became commoditized, giving birth to the now extinct “consumer”, making price supreme.

Discover Your Superpowers And Grow From Relevance To Exponentiality

Today we are living a second revolution, comparable to the Industrial Revolution.

The Industrial Revolution changed how people used their bodies to perform physical labor. The Digital Revolution is changing how people use their minds to perform conceptual labor.

Unlike the steam engine or electricity, Digital Revolution technologies continue to improve at a remarkably rapid exponential pace, replicating their power with digital perfection and creating even more opportunities for combinatorial innovation.

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How Beacons Will Change Customer Experience and Marketing Strategies

Less than a month has passed after the presentation of the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch and, finally, the launch of the new iOS 8. As a result, Apple has drawn the attention of all analysts to the new (but not so very new) technology called iBeacon. This technology could change forever the way people shop in physical stores and the way companies shape their marketing strategy and customer experience. No doubt it is creating a revolution, but there is still some confusion around iBeacon and beacons in general, so let's try to understand.

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Why iPhone 6 and iOS 8 Will Change Your Digital Customer Experience

Two weeks have passed since Apple has unveiled two new iPhones - the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus - and the Apple Watch (a.k.a. iWatch). One week later users could start to download iOS 8 and the picture finally became clear. The new version of the mobile operating system delivers new features that could change the way we think about digital experience. Customer-facing apps will never be the same with these new technologies. So will your strategy.

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