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Market Smarter with a Digital Customer Experience Analytics Dashboard


To make the right marketing decisions to adapt your Digital Customer Experience to rapidly changing events, you must know what has happened while interacting with your customer, why it happened, what the potential results of different actions might be and what actions you have to take.

Answering those questions requires fast access to sound, pertinent data, collected across all digital channels and touch-points between your brand and your customers: a DCX Analytics Dashboard.

Your company probably already uses a “scoring system.” It might even track “key performance indicators” (KPIs) or take advantage of “balanced scorecards.” If so, you might already be disappointed by how little these tools improve your performance and skeptical as to whether a different approach can have a significant impact in your marketing performance.

In order for a DCX Analytics Dashboard to be useful and deliver on your ultimate aim of helping make better decisions, you have to consider its single most important basic characteristic: to be aligned with your corporate goals:

  • Establish quantitative and qualitative DCX metrics specific to your organization and industry.
  • Move beyond simplistic vanity metrics from Twitter or Facebook. Track not just quantity (how many “likes” or how many fans, or people talk about you, how many people enter your physical and digital properties), but also “sentiment metrics” (whether those talks are “positive, negative or neutral”) and “dispersion metrics” (how widely comments vary), and "business metrics" how many customers are repeat ones, how many actually make a purchase, how much do they spend.
  • Shape your digital customer experience to be “globally integrated”, by adopting a company-wide standardized metric, and “locally customized.”

And finally, to make your DCX analytics truly actionable, implement a dashboard that leads to action, and help you and your marketing and sales team leverage big data to make instant decisions and take immediate action that translate into:

  • more relevant product recommendations;
  • well received push notifications;
  • social sharing to your customer’s peers.

In essence, among big ideas for 2014, start today shaping a DCX Analytics Dashboard that helps you drive more sales and implement it.

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