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Mythological Marketing - The Future of Your Brand is in The Past

What is the meaning of your marketing? What are the roots of your storytelling? More and more companies embark on a long journey to discover the hidden traits of their identity. And what they find is a long red thread that goes straight to the roots of culture and society. 

There is a persistent wave that moves underneath the structures of modern business, molding everything we do. Sometimes we recognize it, sometimes not. This wave is made of myths and heroes, and it is shaping a new marketing. Mythological Marketing.

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5 Digital Marketing Lessons From Game Of Thrones

Now that the fifth season of Game of Thrones is behind our back, millions of fans (just like us) are trying to recover from the absolute jaw-dropping finale. Shock is the only constant in George R. R. Martin’s epic series.

If there a TV show out there that can teach us something about the world of digital marketing, that is HBO’s Game of Thrones.

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5 Content Marketing Facts You Need To Know (To Be Truly Epic)

A great customer experience always lies on great content marketing. With digital transformation in full swing, content has become the new focal point in the overall brand marketing effort.

Great content is never static. It moves with society and technology. In the wake of recent trends, we have traced 5 content marketing facts you absolutely need to know. And yes, they are all true.

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5 Great Marketing Ideas From Comics To Get DCX Superpowers

Long gone are the days when comic books were considered just a niche market for ultimate nerds lost in a world of superheroes with super problems. In the last decade, comics have become a global marketing phenomenon, thanks to major players like Marvel, DC and Image Comics.

If you are a marketer/entrepreneur trying to figure out how to take your customer experience to the next level, comic books are no laughing matter anymore. They can offer plenty of marketing ideas and teach you how to lead your brand from average to DCX superpowers.

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How Customer Obsession Will Drive Your Digital Transformation

Amazon, Starbucks, Nike, Apple, Google: they sell different products; they have peculiar storytelling, identity and archetypes; they are true to distinctive business principles and company mantra.

But one thing they have in common. One single element, more and more critical in this era of technology disruption: they all put their customer at the core of their strategy. They are customer-obsessed brands.

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4 Lessons From Walt Disney To Improve Customer Experience

"What was the most magical experience of your life?"

Ask this question to random people on the street and the name ‘Disney’ will probably come out more than any other. It’s a matter of fact: the Disney brand - and its theme parks above all - is deeply linked with the idea of incredible and memorable experiences. So maybe you should ask to Mickey Mouse & Co. how to improve customer experience.

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Make The Digital Customer Experience Of You Your One Big Thing

Among the innumerable truths that Shakespeare told us in his vision of life and humanity, in Hamlet he offered one of his sagest counsels: “Know thyself and to thine self be true.

If you don’t understand what makes you uniquely you – if you don’t know yourself – how can others perceive your greatness, your unique and distinctive value and contribution? Make the digital customer experience of you your One Big Thing.

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5 Key Customer Experience Questions To Ask Yourself in 2015

The scientist is not a person who gives the right answers, he's one who asks the right questions.” (Claude Lévi-Strauss).

Since customer experience management is, to all intents and purposes, a science, asking questions becomes crucial to understand where and how you can improve your digital strategy. The evolution of markets unveils new opportunities, but also brings new doubts about what you do and what you should do. Here are few key customer experience questions to ask yourself in 2015, to ensure your organization is optimizing the experience of customers.

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Why Employee Engagement is Crucial For a Better Customer Experience

Is your employee crucial to deliver a better customer experience? Many companies still think that client satisfaction is a mere result of their outward-facing strategy. Sure, engaged and loyal customers are essential to ensure profitability, but if you forget inner areas of improvement, then you miss a piece of the puzzle. That piece is employee engagement, a key element to enhance the overall performance of your company, customer experience included. 

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3 Big Things You Need To Improve Digital Customer Experience

To start off your 2015 with a huge marketing leap, you need something big. Three big things, actually. We all know that the ultimate purpose of digital customer experience is to build the perfect bridge between brands and customers. But you will never get - and retain - customer’s love and trust if you don’t understand deeply yourself and the ecosystem you live in. Here, between the lines, you can spot 3 big things you need to improve digital customer experience.

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