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5 (+5) Tips To Start Mapping The Digital Customer Journey

My brand is customer-centric.” How many times have you heard these words? What exactly does it mean to be a customer-centric company? It is a revolution in how you think and act; it is the awareness of the increased significance of differentiating on customer experience.

Of course, you can’t simply switch your strategy and mentality overnight. This is a change that requires time and dedicated tools. Smart tools for smart customers. The digital customer journey map is the first and primary tool to deliver amazing meaningful experiences.

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5 Steps To Rock Your Customer Experience Strategy

What is your ultimate plan for your brand? If you ask any single marketer out there, they will tell you they want to become digital rock stars. Still, so many are still thinking and acting like support bands or - even worse - they simply stand in the crowd watching.

The long way to the top (if you want to rock and roll) starts with the awareness that best-in-class experiences are the key factor if you wish to top the bill. The first step to creating a rocking brand, thus, is to rock your customer experience strategy.

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Top 5 Requirements For Your Digital Customer Journey Map

Think about the last time you have made a purchase. Now consider all the steps - online and offline - that brought you from need to conversion (and over). That is your customer journey, a map that you can break up into many different pieces.

Customer experience looks like a puzzle, that you - as a business - can shape and analyze using a specific tool: the customer journey map. As the years pass by, new technologies change the perspective, and so the map needs to become more structured, to include the new touch points.

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4 Ways Customer Journey Mapping Will Boost Customer Experience

Try to remember the last time you have given up on a product or service because of a bad overall experience. As a customer, there is nothing worse than those situations where you expect one thing, just to receive a totally different result, as if you were dealing with two different companies. Customer journey mapping is essential for brands to avoid these pitfalls and boost customer experience.

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Why Mobile-Only Strategy Will Shape The Future Of Customer Journey

Just a few years ago, a common objection to the value of mobile in business strategies was that “phones are not for marketing”, because you couldn’t do anything real - payments, to name one - on a phone or tablet. That time is well behind us, as mobile technology is not only reshaping the customer journey, it is rebooting the entire experience of connecting with clients. So that maybe it’s time to go beyond mobile first and start thinking mobile-only.

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3 Key Elements For Your Omni-Channel Customer Experience

Involved in a mobile environment, customers expect personalized and consistent experiences across all different touch points. As a consequence, an omni-channel customer experience isn’t just important - it’s essential to differentiate from competitors. Dealing with empowered customers, brands are not judged for what they make or sell, but for the overall journey they create to connect products and clients. So, if omni-channel is the rule, what are the foundational elements of your innovative strategy?

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3 Big Things You Need To Improve Digital Customer Experience

To start off your 2015 with a huge marketing leap, you need something big. Three big things, actually. We all know that the ultimate purpose of digital customer experience is to build the perfect bridge between brands and customers. But you will never get - and retain - customer’s love and trust if you don’t understand deeply yourself and the ecosystem you live in. Here, between the lines, you can spot 3 big things you need to improve digital customer experience.

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Map Your Digital Customer Journey, Mobile First

A digital customer journey map is a tool that enables you to understand and optimize your customers’ digital experiences.

It outlines the digital customer experience in a customer-centered perspective, helping you:

  1. Understand how prospect and customers are interacting with you now.
  2. Identify areas for improvement moving forward.
  3. Choose the appropriate technology and business models to effectively engage people at every touchpoint in the digital customer experience lifecycle, and prioritize your investment.
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