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Retail Banking: Customer Experience Reinvents Financial Services

How can retail banks and financial institutions survive in a world where customers only need fifteen minutes to open a bank account online? How can they attract and engage clients able to carry out transactions with one single tap on the screen of the smartphone? Easy, they need to put the experience in the equation.

Retail banking customer experience is not a recent topic. Without customers, there won’t even be the need for financial operators. What has changed, in the last ten years or so, is technology, and customer behaviors with it. In the age of digital and mobile, banks need to embrace the digital transformation and reinvent themselves to survive.

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3 Ways Mobile is Shaping the Future of Payments

The payments scenario has evolved rapidly over the past decade. Currency of exchange, as old as human civilization, will probably face a faster change in the next five years. Just as paper money and the magnetic strip revolutionized markets, innovative - and fast-evolving - technologies will foster the rise of new ways to pay and even new currencies. In the era of mobile mind shift, of course, the main agent of change is digital technology: here are 3 ways mobile is shaping the future of payments.

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How Digital Is Changing Retail Banking Customer Experience

Usually, when we talk about the effects of digital transformation, we tend to focus on companies producing shopping consumer goods. But there is another ‘industry’ that is effectively searching for innovative ways to deal with customers: retail banking. Digital technology is dramatically changing the way clients interact with banks, forcing them to evolve from traditional bank counter operations to online services. A new era for retail banking customer experience.

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How Apple Pay Makes the Difference in Your Digital Customer Experience

Money is probably as old as human civilization. People once used sheep and goats as money: domestic animals and food served as currency in ancient times. Metal coins have been around since 700 B.C., and the Chinese began using paper money in 140 B.C. It became a popular means of tender during Europe’s Renaissance and later in the American colonies.

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