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How Proximity Marketing Changes Retail Customer Experience

Bluetooth, iBeacon and smartphones: what are they doing in the same place? They are disrupting the idea of brick and mortar, shaping the future of retail customer experience. Proximity marketing is the final connection between brands and customers; an effective tool to generate repeat sales, deliver your brand message and drive the (r)evolution of retailers.

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The 7 Deadly Sins of a Bad Customer Experience

Easter is near. It’s time to review all you have done in the past months, to understand if you're close to your goals and what went wrong during the journey. We all know that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. We’re talking about digital customer experience, of course. Let’s get spiritual, then, and see the 7 deadly sins of a bad customer experience. Have you committed an unpardonable sin?

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5 Ways To Use Social Media To Improve Customer Experience

Social Media, whether you like them or not, have become essential to build a competitive - and truly innovative - marketing strategy. A social media plan, thus, is no longer optional for brands wishing to grow their shares and compete for customers’ attention.

While it may still be quite hard to measure ROI on social media marketing, try to focus on what really matters in the digital world: the experience. The question, then, is how can you use social media to improve customer experience.

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Stay Epic! How To Use Visual Content To Improve Customer Engagement

The creation of a strong brand begins with the ability to attract more customers and involve them into innovative experiences. There are two key pillars for an amazing brand experience: technology and content.

Content marketing is not a new concept but it’s now more important than ever to improve customer engagement. And the most effective way to build a compelling brand story is to use visual content. Stay Epic, that’s the rule!

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Why Employee Engagement is Crucial For a Better Customer Experience

Is your employee crucial to deliver a better customer experience? Many companies still think that client satisfaction is a mere result of their outward-facing strategy. Sure, engaged and loyal customers are essential to ensure profitability, but if you forget inner areas of improvement, then you miss a piece of the puzzle. That piece is employee engagement, a key element to enhance the overall performance of your company, customer experience included. 

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10 Reasons Why You Offer A Faulty Experience to Mobile Customers

In a world of constant connectivity, customers expect that you are able to give them what they need when they need it, especially when they are on the go. The term ‘mobile’ perfectly describes how technology has changed the customer experience; going mobile becomes mandatory for every innovative business strategy. If your company is not optimized for the mobile experience, you’re putting at risk your sales and damaging the perception of the brand itself. And clients will ultimately abandon you.

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How To Use Virtual Reality To Augment Customer Experience

Now that Microsoft has unveiled the brand new Windows 10, there’s a huge buzz surrounding the operating system and, above all, its futuristic feature called Holographic. Of all the announcements Microsoft made during the event, in fact, the company's new virtual reality headset called HoloLens immediately dominated the news. Redmond's giant has officially entered the VR arena, and wants to redefine how companies augment customer experience.

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3 Good Ideas For Your 2015 Digital Customer Experience Strategies

What should I do to improve my customer experience?” The rules of marketing have dramatically changed in the last decade. Developing a unique competitive advantage is still crucial for business success, but you can’t rely on tactics and tools that were useful only a few years ago. If you're still trying to figure out how to break away from competitors and attract customers, here are 3 good ideas to improve your overall digital customer experience strategies in 2015.

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Top 10 Digital Customer Experience Predictions For 2015

Two days to the New Year: analysts agree that 2014 was the year customer experience began a priority on the desk of entrepreneurs and marketing professionals. Overwhelmed by the mobile revolution, companies are still trying to figure out how to break away from competitors and attract empowered customers. What will happen next? Here are 10 digital customer experience predictions for 2015.

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Top 3 Tech Innovations To Improve Digital Customer Experience in 2015

Evolution driven by disruptive technologies is, by its very nature, unpredictable. In the last decade we have faced the birth of tech innovations that have deeply changed the way customers connect with brands and products. Customer experience is the key to reshape your business and rebuild engagement strategies. As we prepare to say goodbye to 2014, one crucial question crosses our mind: What will the next years hold for business? How will technology innovations help you improve digital customer experience?

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