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Improve Customer Experience: Download The DCX 7-Steps Checklist

How can I create compelling experiences for my customers? How can I guide them through the purchase process, from awareness to consideration to conversion? How can my brand evolve to embrace the mobile mind shift? Ever thought of building a checklist? The DCX 7-Steps Checklist will help you find the right answer, with requirements and insights to shape an amazing digital customer experience. A guide you can download for free.

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10 Inventions That Will Revolutionize Retail Customer Experience

The future is already here. It is just not evenly distributed.” This quote by the cyberspace guru writer William Gibson introduced one of the most intriguing panels of the 2015 SXSWSouth by Southwest - schedule.

10 inventions that will revolutionize retail’ - behind this title lies the question so many entrepreneurs are afraid to ask: What does the future of retail hold? Technology disruption changes the rules of production and distribution, and brands need to evolve accordingly, if they want to survive the retail revolution.

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Neosperience Health Insurance Telematics platform wins Aviva award

Neosperience is off to a very good start this new year, winning Aviva Digital On, an award promoted by Aviva, in collaboration with PoliHub - business incubator of the prestigious Politecnico di Milano. The aim of the contest was to identify and reward the most innovative digital projects to guide enterprises through digital transformation.

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Merry Christmas from Neosperience!

This year we have decided to give our Customers the magic of giving a hand to people around the world who need to improve the experience of their customers.

We have selected Kiva as a non-profit organization with the mission to connect people through lending that leverages the internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions to help create opportunities around the world.

So if you are a Neosperience customer look for “Kiva” as subject in your mailbox and enjoy making the best use of your gift, listening to your heart ;)

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5 Customer Loyalty Lessons We Have Learned in the Digital Era

As customers become aware of the digital layer that spreads across our world, companies feel the urge to adapt their strategies for this new, empowered player. The decision balance tilts toward the customer and terms like engagement and loyalty elevate to a new relevance. There are many definitions of loyalty in the digital era, but they all pivot on the customer experience. Here are 5 things we have learned in 2014 about customer loyalty.

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Neosperience Wins 2014 International GrandPrix For Mobile Marketing

Neosperience has won 2014 International Events & Relational Strategies GrandPrix, an award dedicated to the most innovative and effective marketing experiences. Neosperience was awarded with the first prize in the Mobile Marketing category, for its Carpigiani MyGelato App and ecosystem. This honor confirms a great year full of achievements for the company's customers.

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Neosperience Wins 2014 Top Innovation Italy Award

Neosperience has won the Top Innovation Award Italy 2014, an honor appointed by the President of the Italian Republic to the best tech company of the year. The prize has been awarded in the prestigious setting of the Accademia dei Lincei in Rome. Dario Melpignano, CEO of Neosperience, has received the award from Stefania Giannini, Ministry of Education, University and Research, on behalf of President Giorgio Napolitano.

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Personalize The Digital Shopping Experience Turning Desires Into Needs

Neuromarketing key discoveries of this decade applied to digital customer experience show insights on how to connect with customers in new ways across physical touch points, typically the stores, combined with customer-facing smartphone and tablet apps.

Sophisticated brain scanning machines and physical monitoring devices provide insight into consumer behavior, allowing marketers influence it by adjusting stimuli to draw out a desired mental and physical response in customers during their digital shopping experience.

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How Apple Pay Makes the Difference in Your Digital Customer Experience

Money is probably as old as human civilization. People once used sheep and goats as money: domestic animals and food served as currency in ancient times. Metal coins have been around since 700 B.C., and the Chinese began using paper money in 140 B.C. It became a popular means of tender during Europe’s Renaissance and later in the American colonies.

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Welcome to the Push Economy: Discover, Learn, Use Push Notifications

Push notifications are a style of Internet-based communication where the request for a given transaction is initiated by a central server. It is contrasted with pull, where the request for the transmission of information is initiated by the receiver client app.

Push notification services allow to propagate small messages to devices (smartphones, tablets and computers) by applications and apps registered to receive those notifications. Each device establishes an accredited and encrypted IP connection with the service and receives notifications over a persistent connection.

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