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Marketing and Soft (vs. Hard) Data - 4 Ways To Empower Your Strategy

One-to-one marketing is a strategy of customer relationship management that relies on the personalization to foster customer loyalty and make a better return on marketing investment.

The idea behind it is that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to communication; so, treating each person differently is essential to be convincing, persuasive, and effective. To empower your strategy, in fact.

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In Your Customers' Mind - A Tale Of Technology, Marketing and Emotions

The times are a changin”. It is only been 10 years since Vargo and Lush described the shift from a product-centred view of markets to a service-dominant (SD) logic. Since the goods themselves are never just ‘goods’ but service providers, this marks the definitive shift from tangible to intangible assets as the major sources of value.

The reason is simple: the ‘Homo Oeconomicus’ went extinct. As mere consumers we needed ‘utility’, so we were always looking for goods and services in order to maximize it; as humans we need ‘feelings’, and we are willing to embrace all the things that can enrich and nourish our experiences.

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8 Disruptive Trends That’ll Shape Business In The Next Years

How will the digital customer experience evolve in the next years? What kind of technology will leave the deepest mark on customers’ life? How will this mark affect your business strategy?

Prediction is a delicate and dangerous art but, when it comes to predicting the future of customer experience, Brian Solis is a top choice. At the beginning of every year, in fact, the digital analyst takes a look at what lies ahead, trying to figure out which technology trends will lead the new wave of digital transformation.

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The Digital Customer Experience In The Age of Machine Learning

The Digital Revolution has forged historic change. When we engage with the Internet with our smartphone, tablet or wearable, we don't see its physical infrastructure nor the code that lets it function.

We interact with the “whatever branded content we like, by pressing the elevator buttons without having to know how it works.” No one person or organization is in charge of the changes sweeping the world.

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5 Reasons Why You Need To Improve Customer Experience

Face the truth: your customers know you and your product/service better than you do. So, if you still rely just on price or big budgets to earn their trust, you will always leave out one key factor: the customer experience. And this trend will only accelerate. If you try to swim against the tide, you will find out - probably too late - that the world around you has evolved and you’ve been left behind. Ready for a change? There are at least 5 reasons why you need to improve customer experience.

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How to See Around Corners and Stay Relevant Towards 2050 Megachange

Demographic trends are powerful and sweeping. It took 250,000 years for the world’s population to reach one billion people. In just 200 years, population growth accelerated faster to reach seven billion. In 2050, Earth will be home to nine billion people.

This growth will not be uniform: some nations’ populations will soar. Half of the population increase by 2050 will happen in Africa, which will hold three times as many people as Europe. Nigeria will have about 390 million citizens by 2050, roughly the same as the US; by 2100, Nigeria will be the world’s third most populous nation.

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Personalize The Digital Shopping Experience Turning Desires Into Needs

Neuromarketing key discoveries of this decade applied to digital customer experience show insights on how to connect with customers in new ways across physical touch points, typically the stores, combined with customer-facing smartphone and tablet apps.

Sophisticated brain scanning machines and physical monitoring devices provide insight into consumer behavior, allowing marketers influence it by adjusting stimuli to draw out a desired mental and physical response in customers during their digital shopping experience.

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All Play and No Work Makes Jack a Zippy Boy

Millions of people around the world play these games to have fun and escape the tedium of work. What draws so many to do the same things over and over again in games that they do at work – and why do people enjoy games much more than work?

The simple answer is in one word: engagement.

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4 Habits of Highly Effective Listeners

Portable technology, from the Walkman to the iPod and smartphones, have made listening to people and to our environment an increasingly tiring task. In addition to ubiquitous digital devices, the persistent noise of our society has made listening even more difficult.

As a result, in a couple of decades we have lost the ability to hear, that our brain had shaped in tens of thousands of years in the course of our evolution.

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Why Your True Why Is So Important, Backed By Science

Why some leaders and companies succeeded and others do not?

Inspirational leaders identify a purpose and follow it. The actions they take and what they make is secondary to achieving their mission.

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