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How Archetypes Changed How We Think About Digital Customer Experience

As a marketer, you have to deal with increasing and global competition. Even if you succeed in creating an advantage for your customers, say an outstanding digital customer experience, a competitor can quickly copy it.

Today, companies are bought out other companies not for what they sold, but for the brands they had established. The brands, with their deeper iconic meetings, were valuable because of the intangible meanings they offered. And the management of this meaning, like many sound ideas, borrows from very ancient and eternal ones.

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We Want You To Become A Marketing Superhero

Superheroes are archetypes, and coincide with the true mythic hero. They have the power, hear the mystic call. Are sent to Earth to fight evil, their mission. This is the hero, male or female, in its purest form.

As noted by Joseph Campbell, usually the hero's adventure begins when someone is deprived of something or a feeling that something is lacking the experience allowed the members of his society. Then the hero embarks on a series of extraordinary adventures, or to recover what has been lost, or to discover some elixir of life.

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Neuromarketing and the Art of the Digital Customer Experience

Neuromarketing is a relatively new field of marketing research activity that is informed by the findings or insights of brain science.

The key discoveries of this decade applied to digital customer experience allow you to connect with customers in a whole new way across physical touch points, typically the stores, combined with customer-facing smartphone and tablet apps.

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