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Biometrics - The Future of Payments And Customer Experience?

What if you could authenticate your payments with a scan of your finger or your iris? What if you could take a selfie to authorize a banking transaction? Would you do it? Set aside all fears, the future of payment authentication is strictly connected to our body.

Biometrics are already considered the most important technology to transform how we make purchases, online and offline. An advancement that will improve security, but also shape a completely different customer experience.

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Retail Banking: Customer Experience Reinvents Financial Services

How can retail banks and financial institutions survive in a world where customers only need fifteen minutes to open a bank account online? How can they attract and engage clients able to carry out transactions with one single tap on the screen of the smartphone? Easy, they need to put the experience in the equation.

Retail banking customer experience is not a recent topic. Without customers, there won’t even be the need for financial operators. What has changed, in the last ten years or so, is technology, and customer behaviors with it. In the age of digital and mobile, banks need to embrace the digital transformation and reinvent themselves to survive.

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Apple Watch: Why Your Digital Customers Love The Smartwatch

Is the Apple Watch the innovation your digital customers are looking for? Sure, the smartwatch is not a recent invention, but only now it is becoming a business success. Estimates for the first quarter of 2015 talk about 3 to 5 million units sold. Add the multitude of Android Wear and you will have the whole picture of a promising market.

This could be enough for an answer, but the real truth always lies beyond cold numbers. Success or failure of the Apple Watch will decide the role of the smartwatch in the redefinition of digital customer experience and - as a consequence - of your digital marketing strategy.

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How Social Commerce War Will Change Retail Customer Experience

How would you describe the essence of social commerce in one scene? Imagine this: you open your Facebook app while commuting. You scroll the newsfeed looking for juicy gossip about people you barely know. A picture grabs your attention, showcasing a new pair of running shoes from your favorite brand.

Now that you see them in full HD, you definitely feel you want those shoes, right away. And there’s no need to close Facebook app; you just click on the buy button on the image and that’s it. A revolution for the retail customer experience.

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Google I/O 2015: From Android M To Android Pay, All You Need To Know

What we have witnessed during the Google I/O 2015 conference was nothing but Google's history in the making. Tech analysts already consider the last keynote a milestone for the future of Mountain View.

As expected, Google announced major news that will lead the company along the path to become more than a ‘search’ giant. From Android M (the new version of the mobile operating system), to Android Pay, from the Internet of Things to Now on Tap, the Big G aims at becoming your first reference in daily life.

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10 Inventions That Will Revolutionize Retail Customer Experience

The future is already here. It is just not evenly distributed.” This quote by the cyberspace guru writer William Gibson introduced one of the most intriguing panels of the 2015 SXSWSouth by Southwest - schedule.

10 inventions that will revolutionize retail’ - behind this title lies the question so many entrepreneurs are afraid to ask: What does the future of retail hold? Technology disruption changes the rules of production and distribution, and brands need to evolve accordingly, if they want to survive the retail revolution.

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Top 10 Disruptive Technology Trends Reshaping Customer Experience

Disruption is something that creates a revolution for markets, and technology is the primary source of disruption. To say it with Brian Solis, “disruption is not something we set out to do. It is something that happens because of what we do”. So, innovation is disruption that changes human behaviors and blends together both design-thinking and system-thinking. To understand what lies behind the corner, we need to analyze the disruptive technology trends that will reshape customer experience from 2015 on. 

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10 Reasons Why You Offer A Faulty Experience to Mobile Customers

In a world of constant connectivity, customers expect that you are able to give them what they need when they need it, especially when they are on the go. The term ‘mobile’ perfectly describes how technology has changed the customer experience; going mobile becomes mandatory for every innovative business strategy. If your company is not optimized for the mobile experience, you’re putting at risk your sales and damaging the perception of the brand itself. And clients will ultimately abandon you.

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3 Ways Mobile is Shaping the Future of Payments

The payments scenario has evolved rapidly over the past decade. Currency of exchange, as old as human civilization, will probably face a faster change in the next five years. Just as paper money and the magnetic strip revolutionized markets, innovative - and fast-evolving - technologies will foster the rise of new ways to pay and even new currencies. In the era of mobile mind shift, of course, the main agent of change is digital technology: here are 3 ways mobile is shaping the future of payments.

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Why iPhone 6 and iOS 8 Will Change Your Digital Customer Experience

Two weeks have passed since Apple has unveiled two new iPhones - the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus - and the Apple Watch (a.k.a. iWatch). One week later users could start to download iOS 8 and the picture finally became clear. The new version of the mobile operating system delivers new features that could change the way we think about digital experience. Customer-facing apps will never be the same with these new technologies. So will your strategy.

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