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5 Reasons Why You Need To Improve Customer Experience

Face the truth: your customers know you and your product/service better than you do. So, if you still rely just on price or big budgets to earn their trust, you will always leave out one key factor: the customer experience. And this trend will only accelerate. If you try to swim against the tide, you will find out - probably too late - that the world around you has evolved and you’ve been left behind. Ready for a change? There are at least 5 reasons why you need to improve customer experience.

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Why Proactive Approach is Key to Improve Digital Customer Experience

Every day we are saying ‘How can we keep this customer happy? How can we get ahead in innovation by doing this?’ … Because if we don’t, somebody else will”. This is one of the most popular customer experience quotes. In few words Bill Gates is able to sum up the deepest essence of digital transformation in hyper-competitive markets: a proactive approach is necessary to understand people’s needs and improve digital customer experience using innovation.

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5 Online Retail Marketing Tips To Improve Customer Experience

The meaning of ‘customer experience’ has deeply changed in the last ten years. As in-store shopping goes down and E-Commerce spending steadily increases, the difference between offline and online retailers is destined to disappear. This will eventually present entrepreneurs the chance to make a crucial step into the digital era, taking advantage of mobile technologies to evolve for a new world. The improvement of retail customer experience passes through an efficient and innovative online retail marketing strategy.

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7 Powerful Stats That'll Make You Better at Customer Experience

As customer expectations grow higher, companies become aware that the customer experience has a huge impact on brand reputation, sales and revenues. How huge? The truth lies in the numbers. Even though statistics are always destined to change according to the evolution of society, they narrate a story, and tell us how the world became customer-centric. Here are 7 powerful stats that’ll make you better at digital customer experience.

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3 Key Elements For Your Omni-Channel Customer Experience

Involved in a mobile environment, customers expect personalized and consistent experiences across all different touch points. As a consequence, an omni-channel customer experience isn’t just important - it’s essential to differentiate from competitors. Dealing with empowered customers, brands are not judged for what they make or sell, but for the overall journey they create to connect products and clients. So, if omni-channel is the rule, what are the foundational elements of your innovative strategy?

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Google's 3 Tech Trends For 2015 To Improve Digital Customer Experience

Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future”: this quote, attributed to the Danish physicist Niels Bohr (Nobel Prize in 1922), perfectly depicts the complex act of foreseeing the future of technology. Only the brave, to quote another motto: while Google may not have crystal balls, it surely has search data. And customers’ data is the key indicator to predict what’s to come. Let’s take a look at Google’s 3 tech trends for 2015, and how they can help marketers improve digital customer experience.

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5 Social Media Trends That Will Define Customer Engagement in 2015

2014 was the year social media came out of the entertainment niche, to become as crucial for marketing strategies as other disruptive technologies (cloud, apps, content platforms, wearables). In the near future Facebook, Twitter & Co. will be even more relevant to create customer engagement and improve loyalty, fully delivering on the promise of the Age of the Customer. Here are the top 5 social media trends for 2015, that show how networks will evolve to connect brands with customers, and foster conversions.

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Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends For Your 2015 Customer Experience

December is the perfect month to look ahead and try to foresee what will be the major trends in digital customer experience for the next future. As Gartner predicts that customer experience will be the primary basis of competition among brands by 2016, we can trace the seeds of 5 digital marketing trends you should consider in your 2015 content and engagement strategy planning.

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10 Ways To Improve Customer Experience With a Smartwatch

Anno Domini 2014: the year of the smartwatch. While this technology is not a recent invention, 2014 will be surely remembered as the year business got serious about it. Once again, the main buzz was created by Apple with the launch of the Apple Watch, even though Samsung was already selling its Galaxy Gear. As the market grows, companies will need to adjust their marketing strategies to engage customers with this new shiny object intended to improve our customer experience.

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How to See Around Corners and Stay Relevant Towards 2050 Megachange

Demographic trends are powerful and sweeping. It took 250,000 years for the world’s population to reach one billion people. In just 200 years, population growth accelerated faster to reach seven billion. In 2050, Earth will be home to nine billion people.

This growth will not be uniform: some nations’ populations will soar. Half of the population increase by 2050 will happen in Africa, which will hold three times as many people as Europe. Nigeria will have about 390 million citizens by 2050, roughly the same as the US; by 2100, Nigeria will be the world’s third most populous nation.

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